18k Yellow and White Gold, Tanzanite and Diamonds 
This ring was commissioned for my mothers 70th birthday. The Tanzanite I had gotten on a trip to Tanzania and felt having multiple colors of metal and diamonds would complement the center Tanzanite stone nicely.  

SCRABBLE - Sterling Silver 
This customer came to me with a design drawn out and a concept and wanted it made. He and his girlfriend are really into puzzles so he thought of making a ring that each separate band could move independently and create words and if the bands were lined up in a certain way it had there initials line up.

Sterling Silver, 18K Gold, and Diamond 
This client had a ring that had sat in her jewelry box for years that the design was out dated. She never wore it but liked the marquis diamond that was set in it. I extracted the diamond and designed a setting and band to match another ring I had previously made for her. Later on she wanted a matching band that nestled around the ring I had made with her diamond. 

18K Rose Gold, 22K Yellow Gold, and Australian Boulder Opal 
This client wanted to use her Australian boulder opal in a ring that would show case it. She had seen inspirations of what she wanted online but wanted a ring that would be able to accommodate her oval opal and match the same art deco feeling. So in keeping with the design I carved a wax "master' and then had it cast in 18K rose gold. Then to further set off the blue in the opal even more I set it in a 22k yellow gold bezel.


18k Yellow Cast Gold 
This client wanted to know if I was able to replicate a 'tape ring" that his son had made his mother as a child. I needed to figure out how I would be able to replicate this fragile tape ring, get it to the right size and stiffen up the tape. Once I figured that out I got a  rubber mold made and then a cast ring. The clients were thrilled that I was able to preserve the charm of the tape ring, right down to the texture. 

18k Yellow Gold and Silver
This client wanted to remove this square diamond from an old ring and set it into a new ring. Once we came up with a design I was able to remove the diamond and make a whole new piece for it.