RISING - Steel Menorah
This client wanted a menorah made because she couldn't find one that was unique enough for her. So I designed this one with the idea of having this interlocking, almost commotion happening at the lower bottom. Then having the arms rise up in a calm manner that gently presents the candles to the viewer.
DAVID & ANN - Steel Candlesticks with Black Patina
These candlesticks were commissioned for people who live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. So I designed them to have a ceremonial offering feeling to them. Also playing with negative space that offers the viewer different details within the piece as you move around them.
PORTFOLIO CASE - Aluminum and Copper Portfolio Case
This client, a fashion designer, wanted a custom portfolio case with matching inserts that could hold her drawings. She liked brushed nickel, but because of cost and weight we decided on brushed aluminum. She also wanted an industrial look to the case so made custom copper rivet, used angle bar and found latches and a handle that had that type of feel.
SAMANTHA - Steel Curtain Rods with Brown Patina
This client wanted some simple curtain rods that were hammered texture and a brown patina that would match with the interior of her home. Also custom hanging brackets were made with the same hammer and patina finish.
DEBORAH - Steel Curtain Rods with Brown Patina
This client wanted a custom curtain rod for her closet. Since she had already picked out a heavyweight fabric, I designed a large diameter tube. She also wanted a hammered look along the tube, so I decided to use a brown patina to accentuate the hammer marks. I also created custom-hung brackets for the curtain rod.